Types of Skin Foundations are a bunch but choosing the right one is the main task. You are bound to choose the wrong one if you do not have the idea about the different types of skin foundations. Here, we are not talking about the brands of foundations but the different types of it. The brands of makeup foundations have different kinds of finishes and same goes for the different types of foundations also. They look different on dry, normal and oily skin so it is very important to choose your best one. For instance, the liquid foundations are best for dry skin because they are already so dry that they always need moisturizing.

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Makeup has become a girl’s best friend and why not? It has become a staple for every girl out there. Everybody sure is beautiful but putting on makeup adds some shimmer and weightage to the already beautiful skin. Foundations are classified as base makeup, if the type of foundation you are using is not at all correct then the whole look will be ruined. The one makeup which has to be chosen correctly has to be foundation, without any doubts.

Let us now see the list of the different kinds of skin foundations that are available in the market.

1BB Creams

types of skin foundations for oily skin

We have all seen the advertisement of the BB cream on the TV screen but don’t know the real reason as to why they are called so? The full form of BB is blemish balm as it mattifies the skin and reduces the effect of blemishes that are visible on the skin. It evens downs the skin but is not full coverage.

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2CC Creams

best foundation for oily skin

CC creams stands for the color correcting cream and also falls in the category of creams that provide only light coverage. The creams are less than foundations but still create a shimmer on the face. The difference between a BB cream and a CC cream is that the CC cream provides more coverage than it.


3Mineral Based Foundation

foundations for oily skin

You must have read this term on a lot of MAC foundations, they have a lot of mineral based products. Well, these are usually the powder base ones. The mineral based powders and foundations can be used for fine touch ups.

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4Powder Based Foundations

best foundation for normal skin

Just as the name suggests, the powder based ones are the one which come in compact powder boxes. The powder based ones are best for oily skins as they control the oil from the skin. People with dry skin should not go for the powder base ones.

5Stick Based Foundations

best dry skin foundation

The foundations with a stick are quite mobile and are very easy to apply on the skin. They are normally used as concealers because they tend to cover only some parts of the skin because of their thickness.

6Liquid Foundation

best foundations for dry skin

They do not need a definition as such because everyone probably knows what liquid foundations are. They are best for the people with dry skin as they also provide the much need moisturizing to the skin.

7Tinted Foundation

best foundations for dry skin

These are just creams that have a pinch of color added to them. The tinted foundations are available in many shades as well. You can apply them on your face for casual day outs.


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