Hairstyles should be able to compliment our personality.

Sometimes it’s very confusing to select one on just the basis of your barberโ€™s recommendations, so here we are to astonish you with an amazing line up of new hairstyles 2018.

1Vertical haircut

This one is my favorite and hits me like a ton of bricks, this perhaps will never go out of fashion. This look is ideal for square and round face.

4Perfect Tousled

You people must have seen blond guys in this particular look on ZARA โ€˜S app a lot of times. It is found to be a laid back look.

6Pulled back style

Absolutely desirable and perfect for your board meetings.

7Side partings

Teamed up with suits and tuxedos they are utterly dapper.

8Messy brush up with soft sides

Paired up with a white tee and classic wayfarer shades it is suave enough to sweep you off your feet.

9Layered long hair

It gives you an illusion of length and volume.

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10The Tall thick hair on top

Guys with ย voluminous and thick hair can carry this look with a panache.

11Man bun

This one is totally in vogue since the year 2013, it involves tying of oneโ€™s hair in a single bun placed upon the crown area. Hence, it is a very convenient hairstyle for long hair. It leaves no hair dangling and keeps your hair secured in one place. It can be done in seconds and proves to be an aesthetic hairstyle.

12Army look

Besides being elegant and classy this one comes with some great advantages too. Did you know there are lesser chances of catching a cold if you don this one because lesser the hair the lesser time it will take to dry? It is also a zero maintenance look as there is lesser chance of lice attacking your hair.

Some other spruce hairstyles you could try are Frohawk , Buzz Cut , high fade comb over , classic messy long hair , side quiff , short hair with cropped fringe , low fade with long fringe , long flowing wavy hair brushed back, drop fade with curly hair, side swept fringe with messy crew cut classic side part with high bald face and many more ..

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You should always keep in mind that the most significant factor to keep in mind is selecting a hairstyle according to your face shape.

Square face: Guys you should always avoid center parting your hair.Short and tight hairstyles go best for you.

Round face: Avoid lots of hair swept to one side of your hair.

Heart shaped face: You can choose longer hairstyles for yourself.

Oval shaped face: You are a universal dude, oval shaped guys look great in almost every hairstyle but should try and avoid bangs and fringes.

Besides the shape of your face there are some other criterias to look for as well and subsequently, they are

#1 Know the texture of your hair because not every hairstyle is meant for you, opt for the one which would provide you with cajolery from others.

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#2 Pick a great stylist: always make sure that the person in charge values your opinion too.

#3 After having a haircut, do not apply too much of hair products in excitement.

#4 Invariably opt for an option that you can maintain because unmanaged hair can look awful.

Guys you can always take inspiration from our beloved celebrities like Liam Hemsworth, Zac Efron, Brad Pitt, Robert Downey Jr., Tom Cruise, Robert Pattinson, Benedict Cumberbatch etc.

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13โ€œLife is too short to have boring hairโ€


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