The most common and major cause of hair thinning is the hormonal change which is either generic or can be caused by taking a lot of stress. So, the first and foremost thing to keep in mind is to alleviate stress from your life.

Unfortunately, I have gone through this menace too so I can easily understand the prick it gives to your mental well being. Here is a sure shot list of to do’s if your hair is going through the weakening and thinning cycle.

Please do not be hard

Never tie your hair in a very tight pony or a clasped bun, it will only cause your scalp to hurt and make your hair tangle in a jiffy. Releasing your hair will then cause your thin hair to break. Also, if it is possible for you , avoid keeping your hair open as much times as you can.

Minimize styling of hair

The more you use the heating tools on your hair, the more will they grow weaker and thinner, it is a tried and tested one. So, if the problem is already troubling you then leave your hair alone and do not use such appliances.

Stay away from Chemicals

Always ensure that your hair care duo aka Shampoo and Conditioner comes without parabens. Remember, you should not wash your hair any more than a couple of times in a week. You can also apply some curd on your hair for a good 20-30 minutes as a homemade substitute for a conditioner. Believe me, it works wonders.

Hair wants food

Like we need food to lend us with energy, our hair also needs the same. So, ensure that you oil your hair at least twice a week. For better results, add and blend some aloe Vera gel into the mixture.

Homemade Spa

I just swear by this one as it works like a magical potion for my lifeless hair. You will need a banana, drops of olive oil and a little bit of aloe Vera gel. Blend it well and apply it on the scalp as well as roots with the help of a brush. Wash it off after 15-20 minutes. Apply this solution at least once or twice in a week.

Do not stress

Calm down and take the edge off your tension-o-matic life, Did you know that stress is a chief contributor in the thinning of your hair? Ensure that you do not let this activity create havoc in your life.

Hair thinning can be induced by a lot of causes, sometimes the reasons can be alarming too so it is always best to have an expert’s opinion as soon as you encounter the signs. It is very rare to have a major cause behind this so please do not worry about it unless and until you have a strong reason to.


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