Men are not very fond of face care rituals but it is very important that skin is taken care of leaving aside gender biased facts. The more you take care of your skin, the better results you will get later on. There are a lot of guys I know who take ample amount of care of their skin of which one of them is my brother who follows these things very aptly. Be it toning or scrubbing, he never leaves any leaf unturned. He never even forgets to apply sunscreen on his face whereas sometimes I do. Always remember, the best way to prevent early sun signs of aging is to always apply sunscreen on your skin.

I have categorized the best face washes on the basis of skin types here is a line up some of the best face wash for your masculine skin.

For Dry Skin

The body shop Maca Root face wash

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This is quite tried and tested by somebody I know, he manages to finish a tube within 15 days of commencement of the product. I mean it’s really really an awesome buy for anyone with dry skin. It is available for $11.40 at Amazon and is 100% vegan. It nourishes the skin and cleanses the facial skin at the same time.

The Clinique men face wash

It is an utterly comfortable formula for those who suffer from dry skins. The product is 100% fragrance-free and is allergy tested as well. It is available for $17.50.

For oily skin

Origins Zero Oil Deep Pore Cleanser

The face wash gives your skin a perfect balance by hydrating all those drypoints and putting up through the oily ones. The product is apt for the cleansing of blackheads on the nose. It is available for $33.50.

Cetaphil Gentle skin cleanser

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CETAPHIL GENTLE SKIN CLEANSER 500ML (VERY RECOMMENDED) 💰175.000 (lebih hemat beli yang ukuran besar. 125ml =125rb) 🚶bisa utk pemakaian wajah & tubuh dan utk segala usia 👌Cocok utk segala jenis kulit & kulit sensitif 🌫Nggak mengandung sabun & pewangi (jadi kulit gk kering & iritasi. Aman banget buat kulit yg gak tahan wewangian & sabun) 👀Nggak buat mata perih juga 🙋Melembabkan. Terutama utk km yg pny kulit kering 💯Direkomendasikan oleh banyak ahli dermatologi. Ini yg paling penting! 😀 berarti sudah teruji manfaatnya. . . . Aku jg pake ini sbg dobel cleanser uda sebulan lebih. Beneran ngangkat kotoran di wajah. Believe it or not, cuci muka pake air doang gak akan cukup utk angkat debu yg nempel. Tiap x pake ini kapas selalu penuh sm kotoran yg nempel dimuka. Fyi, ini bisa dipake dengan/tanpa air. Jd kalo mau pake air tinggal bilas sprti biasa. Tanpa air caranya basahkan muka trs gosokkan ke muka lalu bersihkan pake kapas. Done 😀 #cetaphil #jualcetaphil #jualcetaphilmurah #jualcetaphilmedan #cetaphilgentleskincleanser

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The face wash is very gentle and apt for any kind of skin types. It is fragrance-free and is available for $18.04 for a pack of two at Amazon.The cleanser is dermatologically tested and would not clog your pores.

For sensitive skin

Nivea Men sensitive face wash

Available for $5.18, the product is absolutely perfect for those with sensitive skin. You will never regret using Nivea’s products in my opinion. It helps you get rid of impurities and makes your skin shave ready.

Ernest supplies soap-free gel face wash

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Available for $17.50, the face wash moisturizes the skin very well and does not leave your skin flaky. The face wash is infused with a lot of Vitamin-C which helps in getting skin all clear. It is an awesome product and won’t hurt your face.

Aesop Fabulous facial cleanser

A rich and clarifying cleanser which is completely paraben free and totally mild on the skin. It is available for $84.89 which is quite a price but definitely worth the binge.


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