Different Types of Footwear! Seems like a dream. Imagine your closet filled with different kinds of footwear and you are all confused about to which to wear with what. Well, that would be a perfect footwear day in your life. The different types of footwear have evolved like anything. The footwear industry has seen a boom in the demand for different types of footwear. Well, do you know the first footwear was found in Mesopotamia where people wore shoes that were made of leather. They were used for mountain climbing.

History of Footwear and How it has Evolved (with Timeline)

Types of Footwear and their uses are also different. For instance, the shoes are different for home wear. They are made of rubber so as to give your feet the kind of rest it needs at the end of the day. Rubber Slippers are extremely useful for home wear and house work because they don’t get ruined even if you work in water wearing them. The types of footwear are also different for different occasions. The types of footwear have further sub categories that might also include different types of shoes. The list of the different types of footwear is listed below and you can check out their names along with the pictures from here. So, all of those who are thinking that there is only one kind of sneaker or shoes! Time to get surprised.


types of footwear

Slippers are something that everyone in the world owns. It is a basic entity probably. It is a staple that one cant live without. So what are slippers? They are easy to wear footwear that are light in weight, with no heels and made of soft fabric. These are usually worn indoors.


types of footwear with names and pictures

Shoes are something that always make us look really formal. Well, even the shoes are of different types which are dress shoes, sneaker shoes, sports shoes, hiking shoes and what not. Every other shoes have different purpose. Shoes are footwear that are made to protect our foot while we are doing various activities. They cover the whole feet.


types of footwear and their uses

The first thing that comes to our mind when we talk about sandals is the rainy season, because that is the time they come handy. The sandals are actually open slippers which have stripes to hold the foot. They are the most used in rainy seasons because shoes can get all dirty.


types of footwear

This is one of the most favorite of all the fashionistas. The mules can be related to shoes because they are half shoes actually, the only difference between both of them is that the mules do not have back. They are sometimes open from half of the front and also have heels.


types of footwear and their uses

Boots remind of the winter time because they are made in a way to protect the feet from extremely cold weather. The difference between shoe and boots are that boots can go even above the ankle. They can have varied height depending upon the style.


types of footwear and their uses

The term is derived from India. They usually have a royal look to them as they come embroided with colorful and beautiful thread work most of the time. Juttis are the most famous in the Punjab region of India and are worn with Indian traditional dresses.

7Belly Shoes

types of footwear

The belly shoes are extremely beautiful and the most amazing kind of footwear. There are wide range of bellies available in the market. The belly shoes are actually closed from the front and the back of the feet and were initially used by ballerinas while doing the ballet.


types of footwear and their uses

Slides are almost like flip-flops, the only difference between both is that the slides are backless and front less as well. They have a wide strap in the between to protect the feet. The slides are really comfortable in all senses.

9Flip Flops

types of footwear with their uses


Flip Flops are like slippers as they have a thong like stripe made of rubber or any other material in the between. Flip Flops are mostly worn by ladies and they are available in different styles and fabrics.


types of footwear and their uses

This footwear has come from Spain, the esparto rope is the main element of these Espadrilles. The soles are made of these materials and the upper part is made of cotton.


types of footwear and their uses

Sneakers are type of shoes that are worn for sports activities. They are called so because they are very quite. There is absolutely no sound produced when you walk in sneakers.


types of footwear with their uses

Loafers are also types of shoes that are worn on formal occasions, they have joined the trend recently and the male brigade is crazy about wearing loafers. The loafers are shoes with a flat heel.


types of footwear with names and pictures

Moccasins can be slippers or shoes which have a upper layer that is sewn together to join the sides. Bit of confusing but this footwear is super comfortable.


types of footwear and their uses

Mojari is a kind of footwear which originated from the Mughal Empire. They were initially embellished with gems, stones, beads etc. They have embroidery over them too. Mojaris give a very royal look to the outfit.


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